4 Tips To Choose The Right Groomer For Your Pup

Unless you know how to do it at home, every dog owner will need to take their dog to the groomers. Here are 4 tips to pick the right one.

Many pet owners want their furry friends to feel good and look good. That’s why a trip to the groomer can be key for your pet, especially if they are a breed with longer, hard to manage hair. Many pet owners also find it difficult to trim their animal’s nails, and it can be a job best left to professionals.
There are also health benefits to having your pet regularly groomed.
“Ideally, pets should be groomed every four to six weeks. The hair follicle releases the hair about every 21 days, and so in order to prevent matting and excessive undercoat, four to six weeks is a good amount of time,” said professional groomer Teresa Black.

Do your homework, ask questions

Angie Hicks, the founder of Angie’s List offers this advice: “You want to check their experience and certification. You also want to visit the shop. Check to make sure the facility is clean, well ventilate, that they use products that won’t dry out your pet’s skin, and that they use fresh towels with every groom.”
Groomers can be certified through organizations like the National Dog Groomers Association of America. If your groomer has a certification, do some research on what that certificate means, and ask about their training. Still, Hicks said certification isn’t the only factor to consider.
“Certification isn’t required for pet groomers. So, you may find one that’s really good that isn’t certified. The key is finding someone with experience with  your type of breed and someone who genuinely wants to get to know your dog,” said said.
According to Angie’s List, a standard grooming may take a few hours and costs anywhere from $30 to $90, depending on your pet’s size and hair length.
Some shops may charge extra if the animal bites or is hard to handle during the process.

More thoughts for a pet grooming checklist

The Humane Society of the United States also offers some guidelines that might help your search for a qualified, caring pet groomer.
  • First, decide if you really need a professional groomer. Some people may feel very comfortable grooming an animal with a shorter, easy to manage coat. Other animals may require professionals who have better tools, experience, and ability to do the job. The Humane Society also says professional groomers can sometimes help spot lumps, infections, or other problems.
  • Typically, a trained professional can more safely and humanely handle tricky procedures and temperamental or frightened animals. (Removing severe mats should always be done by an experienced groomer to avoid accidental cuts.)
  • As with almost any other consumer decision, it’s always good to start with a recommendation from a trusted friend, veterinarian, or dog trainer. You can also check references and reviews with organizations like Angie’s List. You can also contact the National Dog Groomers Association of America.
  • Before selecting a groomer, tour the facility. Here are some factors to consider during your evaluation: Is the facility well-lit? Does it look and smell clean? Does the staff appear knowledgeable and caring? Does the staff handle pets gently? Are dogs and cats caged in separate areas?  Are pets monitored regularly to prevent overheating during blow-drying? Does the groomer keep complete pet records (including grooming, medical, vaccination and emergency contact information)?

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