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4 Tips For Pet Healthy Eating: #4

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The phrase “you are what you eat” applies to your pets as well. Many pet parents have questions about health diets and choices  about food for their pets. Here are some tips for healthy eating for your pets.

My dog has been diagnosed with kidney disease, but refuses to eat any of the prescription renal diets I tried after a few days. Can I just feed him a regular diet?

Kidney disease is a very common illness in aging dogs and cats. It is estimated that up to half of cats over 15 years of age have chronic kidney disease, which makes nutrition even more important for them.

  • Prescription diets are formulated to address the metabolic changes that result from kidney disease.
  • Use of prescription renal diets in cats with chronic kidney disease has been shown to increase longevity and decrease the severity of clinical signs associated with the disease in these patients.
  • Food aversion is common in dogs and cats with advanced stages of kidney disease. Some patients may respond well to a rotation of several prescription diets.
  • A home-prepared diet may be formulated by a veterinary nutritionist to help with the management of these cases and to allow a targeted approach to address the needs of the specific patient.

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