3-Step Guide for Brushing Your Dog's Teeth

Gresham Animal Hospital_3-Step Guide for Brushing Your Dog's Teeth

It’s the last day of February! With this month being National Pet Dental Health Month, we wanted to reflect on the importance of maintaining dental care for your pet. Here is an easy 3-step guide for assessing the health of your dog’s teeth at home:

1: Flip — Flip your dog’s lip up every day to check his teeth.
2: Check — Check with your vet every six months, including having your dog’s teeth looked at.
3: Treat — Reward your dog within three seconds of dealing with their teeth.
By keeping these three tips in mind, as well as others we’ve mentioned, you can ensure that your dog’s teeth stay in the best condition possible for his whole life.

SRC: Read the full article here: www.popsugar.com/pets/How-Brush-Dog-Teeth-40359616
Beyond daily care, you can bring your dog in for full dental care at Gresham Animal Hospital. We assess decay and make sure that your pet’s teeth are healthy. Find our more about our dental services here.
Gresham Animal Hospital offers the highest standard of care and services to Oregon pet owners in the Gresham area. Our clinic is fully equipped to provide the treatment and services your pet needs all under one roof. Learn more about our Veterinary Services. Call 503.666.1600 to schedule an appointment for your pet’s oral health today.

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