3 Simple Ways To Practice Dog Park Etiquette

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3 Simple Ways To Practice Dog Park Etiquette

Gresham is a dog lover’s town. We’ve got several of Portland’s favorite dog parks housed within our borders, and many of our public parks have leash-free areas designated for supervised canine hullabaloos. We love our dogs, you can see it on their faces as they hang out of our pickup truck, SUV and station wagon windows. You can see it in our plethora of indoor doggy daycares and canine boutiques, but most of all you can see it in our community dog parks. We build relationships with the neighbors we join in our local dog parks, but if you’re new to the park, here are a few pointers to make sure you or your pooch don’t initiate any unforgivable faux pas.
1. Make sure your dog is healthy enough to play with other dogs. First and foremost, avoid bringing your dog out to play if they show any signs of illness or are a female in heat. Regardless of the precautions, you may take, sick dogs can put other dogs in danger and females in heat can cause a frenzy, both monumental missteps for the novice dog park visitor.
2. Bring your own bags. While many parks will have stations providing bags to help you clean up after your dog, it is a mistake to rely on them. Make sure you’re always stocked with bags and are quick to clean up after your pooch does their business.
3.  Keep it friendly. Keep a careful eye on your dog so you can intervene if play becomes too rough. Making new friends comes second to making sure all dogs present are having a good time.
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