3 Kitten Toys We Love

Gresham Animal Hospital_3 Kitten Toys We Love
Kittens are a singular joy — little balls of adorable kinetic energy, bouncing around your house like velvety explosions of light and sound. Kittens can be a rowdy addition to your family, and making sure they have enough engaging activities to keep them out of “trouble” is likely one of your chief concerns right now. Your kittens need a healthy balance of human interaction and fun toys they can absorb themselves in whether you have one or a few more.
Kittens, in all their exuberant energy, can spend hours completely enamored of something as simple as a ball of yarn. It’s an easy toy to DIY, but if you’re looking to give your kitten something a little more cutesy, you can customize them with little mouse eyes and yarn tails. These yarn balls are easy to make and when your kitten comes of age, you can add a bit of catnip to the mix.
A bit of fluff tied to a stick will provide literal hours of entertainment for both you and your new kitten. This is another easy toy to DIY with a handful of dollar store items.
An empty box is just about the best toy you could ever give your kitten. you can spend a few duckets on some fun toys from Amazon, but chances are your kitten will enjoy the box they came in far more than the toys themselves.
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