3 DIY Pet Costume Ideas That Will Have You Screaming

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a dog with the patience to allow you to dress them for Halloween, then good for you both! You’ll likely have a blast this and every year when trick-or-treating time comes around. While dogs aren’t specifically built for trick-or-treating (no chocolate for Fido!) there is plenty of local fun to be had for gregarious pets who love a good game of dress up.


Turn your dog into a viscously adorable Cerberus with this clever DIY tutorial. This simple handmade costume is easy to pull off with just a few thrift shop items and will shock and amaze everyone who crosses your three-headed beast’s path.


Terrify anyone who even glances in the direction of your pooch with this handmade spider costume for dogs. The idea of running into a pit bull sized tarantula on a misty Halloween night is enough to send the bravest of souls right up the nearest tree.

Skeleton Dog

Skeleton dogs are easy to whip up when your dog has a darker coat. Use non-toxic face paint to gently draw out the shapes of your dog’s skeletal structure atop their coat. Once the lights are off, voila, skeleton dog has arrived to scare the pants off every flesh-and-blood trick-or-treater in the place.

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Source: DIY Spider Dog Costume
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